Let’s maximize your productivity

Let’s foster genuine friendships


4th Saturday of the month

Our GrindOut event is a 12- hour grinding session for you and your fellow entrepreneurs, creatives and small business owners to hustle/grind and maximize your productivity by sharing ideas, building collaborations & community, creating culture and building dynamic conversations all while creating opportunities and building relationship & commerce with other like minded individuals.


2nd Saturday of the month

Our PowerHour is a 1.5 hour virtual co-working session for entrepreneurs, creatives and small business owners to meet using Zoom to work on and power through your strategy, projects, or to-do lists the way you would if you were at a co-working space in person. Our PowerHour is a great way to connect, collaborate and cultivate no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial or creative journey.

Brunch Squad

2nd Sunday of the month

Our Brunch Squad gets together to break bread, build relationships and connections. We believe that a stranger is just an unmet friend that in time will foster genuine friendships at the trendiest brunches in Los Angeles. We are perfecting the art of brunch and building relationships.