We Believe An Experience Has The Power To Change Your Life.

Therefore, as a culture we have to learn to build those experiences together if we want to see real change. We do this through supporting one another, building relationships, buying each other’s products/services, and more. Creating the conversations, spaces, and providing resources that are easily accessible is vital to our progression as black people, so that’s the standard we hope to achieve with Slauson Ventures.

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We believe

There is an unacceptable lack of conversations, connections and resources for entrepreneurs, creatives and small business owners of color that would help them excel and be able to support one another in an authentic and meaningful way.

What we do

We’ve built a dynamic platform of events, programming, and experiences that focus on entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners of color, helping them to develop connections while elevating new ideas, building community, and creating culture. The powerful conversations created in our unique, curated spaces build personal and business relationships, foster new & exciting connections, cultivate meaningful collaborations and create opportunities to monetize innovative ideas.

How we do

We take a multidimensional approach that brings together a powerful network of entrepreneurs, creatives and small business owners of color to share knowledge and meaningful resources while building new skills, relationships, and opportunities.

Why we do

We do this because it’s important for entrepreneurs, creatives and small business owners of color to be empowered to create our own pathways to success, and have a voice in the unique spaces that we occupy. By focusing on intersectionality, networking, building community, and engaging in thoughtful dialogue around complex topics, we deepen our resilience as a community and help to show all the ways in which diversity, equity, and inclusion are relevant to everyone.

We are creating an Ecosystem

From the production to consumption. Not only do we own the supply chain, but we can


the experience. From the ownership of the actual master, to the retail experience and marketing the product, to consuming it.

- Nipsey Hussle

Join Slauson Ventures!

We do this because it’s important for us to have a voice and to create our own pathaways to success.

Our Membership Community

Our membership community works because we not only believe in collaboration but we integrate it in everything that we do. We believe in the power of an experience to change your life!


Slauson Ventures Internship Training Program is a training program designed to create an opportunity for students to have meaningful work experiences that can be applied to their future careers.

Make A Difference

There are other ways you can make a difference and join our movement. Click on the link below to find out how you can become a partner, donate to other programs, volunteer with us, buy from our shop, or attend an event!