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We are looking for partners for co-branding and collaboration opportunities.  This gives us the visibility and financial strength we need to support our work in a meaningful way while offering a variety of opportunities for visibility and engagement for businesses.

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Introducing Slauson Ventures, the first-ever membership for entrepreneurs, creatives & small business owners of color seeking to elevate new ideas, create monetization opportunities, collaboration, building community, creating culture, personal and professional development.

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Opening our emails and tuning into what we do beyond social media helps us become less dependent on Instagram’s and Facebook’s biased algorithms, while ensuring you stay in the loop.

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Knowing more about our community and our values helps you become a better advocate for #SlausonVentures values and ideas.


Volunteer With Us

When you contribute your time to Slauson Ventures by volunteering at an event, you help us reduce the cost of our programs and keep both ticket prices, booth fees and other things that we  pay for more affordable.

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This helps us build a strong operation that equips us for our long-term work by covering essential expenses. It allows us and the community we serve to not just survive, but thrive.


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